Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Want to know more about our company? Find out more through our customers' testimonials

Find out what our Customers Think about our Garage Door Services in the Testimonials Below.

Read about their experiences and the problems that we have resolved for them. Consider their opinion on the work of our team to have complete confidence when making a decision to hire our services.

Helpful Beyond Compare

"I wanted to get a safe for my house in order to keep some important documents and some jewelry we have at home. These guys were helpful beyond compare. Not only did they install the safe, but they also assisted us in finding the right place inside the house so that the safe wouldn't be noticed or easily taken by potential burglars. I thought this was a great idea and I also appreciated the time they devoted listening to all my concerns and questions. Thank you guys!"

- Maureen P.

Thank you for the service!

"When the springs in my garage broke, I did my absolute best to try and replace them myself. First, I got the wrong springs for my door, which was silly, and then when I got the right ones (torsion coil springs), I discovered that they’re actually really difficult to replace if you don’t know what you’re doing. Eventually I called Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis who sent a technician around to get the job done for me, and what a relief it was! He got here on time, and really knew what he was doing. My door is working perfectly, and I will definitely call this company again should I need more repairs!"

- Dan B.

These guys helped me when my safety cable snapped

"I’ve heard too many horror stories about accidents caused when a garage door’s safety cable breaks, and so I got really worried when this happened to me. I wasted no time looking for a company I could trust, and after a few recommendations I called Garage Door Repair Minneapolis who sent a technician over less than an hour after my call. He immediately got to work on replacing the cable, and the price was reasonable. Now I feel much safer using a door that isn’t going to come crashing down on my head someday. Now this is a company I can trust! I will certainly use them if I ever have another issue!"

- Gil A.

Getting a Broken Spring Fixed

"As a veterinarian, I am used to being the one doing the fixing, the problem with my garage door springs however was beyond what I was normally accustomed to. With my springs snapped, I wasn't able to open the door remotely. I had to do it manually, which is really quite the hassle. I called this company up to see what they could do and I was impressed. They were very professional about the whole thing and replaced both springs much faster than I'd expected. The price was very reasonable too. I would definitely call them up again if I have other issues in my garage."

- Edward D.

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