Cables, Safety Cables and Springs

Cables, Safety Cables and Springs

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You probably don’t pay much attention to the garage door spring system and its cables, but the truth is that they make the opening and closing of your door possible. Do not miss out on learning more about their design and their job from our blog post. You will find important and very useful details about both torsion and extension springs, lift cables and safety cables. Each component plays a vital role and requires proper maintenance once or twice a year and timely repair or replacement, whenever needed. When you know these parts well, you will enjoy greater safety and act adequately, if they give you a hard time.Cables, Safety Cables and Springs

It's a lovely team. Garage door cables and springs are the major labor components of the system. The safety cables have come to join the team in a later stage and for a completely different purpose altogether. The basic thing is that all three parts make up the power team of your overhead door and that's why it's vital for you to know a couple of things about them. What are the safety cables? Why and how are springs and cables connected?

How spring/cables work

Cables are still cables whether they are connected with torsion or extension garage door springs. The difference is that they are installed in a different way. In the case of torsion springs, cables are wrapped around drums. They extend all the way down to the bottom part of the door and are attached to a bracket. The torsion spring goes around a metal tube, which is called shaft and is attached with the drums at each side. When the spring turns, it develops torque which is transferred by the shaft to the cable drum. The result is simple. The cable is pulled up as the spring unwinds and pulls the door with it.

The whole door opening procedure is similar with extension springs but it happens with the help of pulleys since the cables pass through them. What's important is that the door opens with the good cooperation of both garage door springs and cables. These parts have supplementary and supportive components such as the drums, pulleys, bearing plates, and cones. In other words, not only must springs and cables be in excellent condition for the door to move but also all parts must be free of rust and well tightened.

The safety cables might share a similar name with regular cables but apart from looking the same, they are used for a different purpose. They are vital parts of extension springs since they pass through them for your protection. Springs pose a danger since they might fly against you upon breaking. If you have safety cables installed, you won't deal with such issues since the springs will remain in place. The door still won't open with a broken garage door spring but at least you'll be safe.

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