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Steel Garage Door Repair

Steel Garage Door | Garage Door Repair Minneapolis, MN

Often chosen for their sleek, elegant look, steel garage doors offer many benefits to the home. They require very little maintenance, they retain their color well, and they fit with most styles and types of homes. However, they can also be more difficult to repair than other types of doors, as the material is not as forgiving as others. That is why our experts are dedicated to repairing your steel door. Our team deals with both small and large tasks, and will be happy to assist you with your door.

Broken and Bent Panels

The most common reason why home owners need steel garage door repair is panel damage. Steel panels are prone to bending if they are backed into, or if they collide with a vehicle or other large object while closing. Minor bending can often be corrected and the door can continue to be used without the need for replacing panels, but more serious damages may necessitate replacements. A bent panel may prevent the door from opening or closing properly, or cause it to malfunction entirely. Our team is able to assess the damage and help you find the best panel repair solution, be it repair or replacement.

No Steel Garage Door Repair Task is Too Small

Steel doors have special needs not observed in other types of doors, and they may require certain types of repairs that others do not. Minor repairs done as needed are crucial to the longevity of your door, as malfunctions and small errors can quickly escalate to be much more problematic. We recommend that you act quickly and seek professional services as soon as something looks too worn or out of place on your steel door.

Low but Necessary Maintenance

Low maintenance steel garage doors give you a lot of freedom in terms of using your door for a long time with minimal hassle. However, while they do not require a lot of care, they do require some very necessary actions every now and then. Our experts are able to help you perform the necessary maintenance on your door, as well as perform safety checks. Having this done regularly ensures that you can keep using your system for longer without problems.

Our experts are passionate about steel garage door repair, and we want to make sure that you are happy with your door. We offer all repair services you may need, so call us today with any questions.


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